TATA Avinya: Is this the future of mobility?


Next-Gen Electric Mobility

Tata Avinya is a next-gen concept by TATA Passenger Electric Mobility (a Branch of TATA Motors focusing on EVs). A leap forward in the Indian Electric Vehicle segment or is it too futuristic? let us find out.

What to Expect?

The Avinya concept is an entry point for gen 3 electrification as claimed by TPEM (Tata Passenger Electric Mobility). The concept will be based on a pure EV platform and will have all the benefits that an EV should hold over an ICE vehicle. This next-gen machine will be engineered to be smart, spacious and techy. The Pure EV gen 3 will enable the next generation of connectivity and offer flexibility in the design. Enhanced performance and efficiency will also be a part of the package.

Avinya Interior

The concept SUV will be 4.3 meters long, however, because it is based on the new modular skateboard platform, it will be more spacious from the inside. It might give you a sense of airiness similar to a bigger SUV. The new platform will be able to accommodate a larger battery pack, which would ultimately enhance the overall range. Ground clearance would be similar to TATA Nexon which is around 200mm.

This new concept will also come with a new TATA identity i.e. A brand new Tata Logo. On the concept, it was shown with sporty LED lights in the front as well as at the back.


Taking future trends into consideration, the AVINYA concept will be screen-less to bar any distractions and create a stress-free environment for the occupants. It will also focus on human-centric design from a sky dome which would give a sense of space to a voice-activated system for interactive passenger experience. The butterfly doors which are not a common sight in India will welcome you with open arms.

Avinya Side
Concept Interior

Charging and Range

500 km range in under 30 minutes? The battery pack in the TATA Avinya will support ultra-fast charging which would enable this vehicle to charge at a super quick speed. The architecture is based on next-gen components with lightweight materials and an optimized structure for an EV-only powertrain. The technology is rapidly changing and with the current advancements in battery technology, we can hope to see many fast charging solutions coming to EVs.


This is still a concept vehicle, taking Indian consumers into consideration it will be priced accordingly. We can expect it to launch in the price range of 20-30 Lakhs INR


This path-breaking EV will come to the market by 2025. However, the concept is too futuristic to claim anything at this point in time. We will have to wait and see how things fall in place.

TATA’s biggest competitor Mahindra is working on a brand new Born Electric lineup based on the INGLO platform. The future of the Indian automotive industry looks very promising with these two players going all out in the EV space

Find more about TATA AVINYA here is the source: ev.tatamotors.com/Avinya/

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