TATA Curvv! More about this stunning EV Coupe SUV

TATA Curvv futuristic Interiors

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TATA is a well-known brand especially in India when it comes to safety and reliability and with the TATA Curvv EV concept, they have taken a big leap toward futuristic electric vehicles. Having said that, the production version of this vehicle will come with multiple powertrains including Pure EV, Petrol and Diesel (Maybe CNG too). This futuristic concept will be aimed at younger audiences looking to drive a tech-rich SUV with a Coupe-style design.

The Coupe design is not easily seen on Indian roads, however, it is proved to be very popular in the international markets. In India, such design elements can be seen in more expensive cars like BMW and Mercedes. TATA motors is certainly trying to catch the eyes of Indian consumers by offering it to a more affordable segment of cars. Along with its unique design, it also has futuristic features to offer. Let us dive deep into what this EV concept has in its pockets.

Front Look of TATA Curvv


TATA Curvv is Based on Tata’s X1 platform which is made to accommodate bigger models and multiple powertrain options. The EV version will likely get a moderate 40kW capacity battery comparable to Nexon EV. The ICE petrol version is expected to get a 1.5L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine with 150bhp of power and the diesel model is likely to receive a 1.5L turbocharged engine with around 110bhp of power.


The Coupe SUV will come with a 10-inch touchscreen unit with an updated infotainment system. The models are also likely to get wireless connectivity and ADAS features.

Interior of TATA Curvv


The TATA Curvv is still a concept vehicle and its pricing details are still not available, however, it is speculated that the SUV will be priced at around 20-25 lakhs INR depending on the powertrain options.


The production version of the SUV will debut in 2024 

TATA brand has certainly raised everyone’s eyebrows with its stunning design concept. It will be very interesting to see how the brand delivers on its promises with its EV product lineup in the future.

You can find more about this Coupe Style SUV and recent updates here: ev.tatamotors.com/Curvv/

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