Mahindra Born Electric e-SUV brand, is it really revolutionary?

Born Electric lineup
Mahindra’s New Revolutionary BE and XUV.e lineup

Indian OEMs like TATA and Mahindra are bringing up their EV game as we see boom in the electric vehicle industry across the globe. While TATA has already launched a handful of EVs based on their ICE platform, Mahindra on the other hand decided to join hands with Volkswagen to explore the plethora of opportunities to collaborate and build a broader strategic alliance to accelerate their electrification business. Mahindra recently announced their very own electric SUV brand called Born Electric also known as BE along with XUV.e series (based on XUV). Through the three core strategic pillars of Brand, Design, and Technology, Mahindra’s ambition is to pioneer the electric mobility revolution in India by introducing true electric SUVs with cutting-edge technology.

What is BE and XUV.e

The exact product specification is not available or not published by mahindra. However, we can expect it to be in the affordable range suitable for Indian consumers. Mahindra has opened a design studio in London,UK to add flavours to its design. Mahindra’s designers and engineers are collaborating with multiple partners and expert consultants across the globe to deliver on the premises. The new collaboration brings new ideas and innovation onto the table which will ultimately benefit the consumers.


Mahindra is known for its SUVs in indian market. Mahindra is continuing their legacy to Electric Vehicle with their new avatar. The new SUVs the BE and XUV.e will create a new aura or electric vehicles in the Indian automotive market. The new design will have a new Heartcore Design Philisophy – a blend of unmissable presence, inner strength and attitude. BE range of vehicles will be conceptualized and developed at their Mahindra Advanced Design Europe (M.A.D.E.) facility in the UK

INGLO platform

Mahindra has introduced their very own INGLO platform developed from scratch. This is Mahindra’s new intelligent neural network based multi-sensory platform. It has Global capabilities with Indian touch.


The vehicles are based on Mahindra’s all-new INGLO modular platform. A compact integrated electric engine with inverter and transmission can offer multiple configuration. The BE series of models will have both rear-wheel drive (RWD) and all-wheel drive (AWD) powertrains with power close to 200kW and 300kW respectively. The platform is capable of reaching standstill to 100 kmph in between 5-6 seconds.

INGLO (INdian GLObal) platform


Mahindra will follow a standardize cell to pack technology using a cutting edge cell architecture Blade and Prismatic. Mahindra has opted for LFP chemistry over Li-ion which is most commonly used in EVs across the globe. The LFP batteries or Lithium Ferro Phosphate batteries are after and robust compared to Li-ion batteries. Mahindra will offer two options one is standard 60kWh and other extended 80kWh. The batteries will support DC fast charging up to 175 kW to charge 80% of the battery in just 30 minutes. The intelligent Battery Managment System or BMS with high precision and enhanced Robustness will be able to deliver longer range and provide safety. This battery supports high number of charge-dischare cycle hence will last longer and help reduce waste.


The vehicles will be based on a high voltage systems and the powertrain is optimised to provide longer range. The rolling resistance is minimal with 5.5 RRC tires and newly designed zero-drag wheel bearings. The overall aerodynamics of the vehicle is improved throughout the lineup. The cooling and HVAC systems are highly efficient and consumes less power, all these factors contribute toward higher range.


The INGLO platform is claimed to have level 2+ autonomous capability (also known as ADAS). It will also feature high-end intelligence with built-in computers and 5G support with OTA updates. A high-resolution 720P display with a signature surround sound system.The semi-active suspension system in its class offers superb ride comfort, improved handling, and a thrilling, dynamic driving experience. The brake by wire technology allows multiple brake modes for pedal feel and recuperation.


Mahindra BE and XUV.e range of SUVs has highest level of vehicle safety. These safety ratings are not only limited to NCAP but also accommodate GNAP safety norms. The new SUV platform has gone through testing at world’s largest battery development and testing centre.


We expect Born Electric to be priced between 10-20 lakh INR (ex-showroom)

Launch Date

Mahindra has announced the expected launch date. These vehicles will come to the global market by 2024, but the order and exact release dates are not available yet.

This news definitely brings excitement to the market and it will be very interesting to see if this platform will deliver on the promises that Mahindra has made. Mahindra’s competitor TATA has also showcased their product roadmap for the future, this includes its TATA Curvv SUV platform and A revolutionary concept TATA AVINYA. We are in the era of electrification and India is witnessing a revolution, lets see what would be Mahindra’s role in the journey

You will find more about Mahindra’s Born Electric concept lineup here:

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