2022 Ford F-150 Lightning: Review of the Beast

Ford F-150 lightning All-Electric Truck

Ford recently launched its 2022 F-150 lightning truck and it is all set to compete with rivals like Rivian R1T, GMC’s electric Hummer and many more coming soon into the market.

The conventional F-150 has been the best-selling truck in the American market for a few decades now. With the current boom in the EV segment, every car manufacturer wants to get their foot into the door with their Electric product lineups. The passenger vehicle segment is already flooded with enormous options compared to trucks so it will be very interesting to see how these carmakers would make an impact in this segment.

Ford is getting closer to its all-electric journey that they are targeting by 2035 with this new electric version, however, there is a lot more to do. The carmaker is still lagging behind its competitors in terms of expanding its charging infrastructure and building a technology ecosystem. Ford also has to get its pricing and marketing strategy right to convince American buyers that this all-electric F-150 is not different from the conventional F-150 in terms of the overall experience.

The all-electric F-150 lightning is a technology beast, and it was apparent from the statement made by one of its executives that the goal is to make a fully networked vehicle, like a computer on wheels. They are also taking steps in that direction by resetting their software strategy in a partnership with Google.

Enough of Ford Motor, let’s talk about the beast itself.

What all-electric F-150 is all about?

All-electric F-150 lightning is powered by an electric motor and battery pack which are mounted in the bed of the truck. The electric motor powers all four wheels through a single gearbox, with torque delivered instantaneously to each wheel via an electronically controlled clutch system that allows for up to seven different driving modes.

Ford All Electric Powertrain
Ford All Electric Powertrain

This also makes room for the front trunk also called fronk, this truck has a fronk capacity of 400L while the rear capacity is about 1,495L.

Lightening F150 is the only F-150 to get a rear-independent suspension instead of a rigid axle. A rigid axle is better when it comes to off-road driving however, an independent suspension will give you a better experience on highways. F-150 lightning has an adaptive cruise control system along with a driver monitoring system called ‘Blue Cruise’ which monitors whether the driver is paying attention on the road or not while cruising. The full hands free cruise control is only available on the highways mapped by ford. In most of the countries it is still not legal to take your hands off the steering wheel.

This truck is no less when it comes to innovative features, the intelligent backup power is one such smart feature which allows the truck to power your home during power outage. When connected, it send around 9.6 kW of power directly to the respective systems in your home.


Ford F-150 Interior
Ford F-150 Interior

The interior is inspired by Mustang mache E and it feels extremely comfortable. The higher end of the model is equipped with a massive 15.5 inch screen with support for Android auto, Apple CarPlay as well as Amazon Alexa voice command and Over The Air updates. Just like Ford Mustang Mach E, F-150 lightning is running on Ford’s Sync 4A infotainment system. The digital driver’s display gives an ample amount of information to aid the driver. The middle knob is retractable which allows the armrest to unfold and make a workstation table sort of structure. The vehicle had a two pin AC outlet integrated into the dashboard to power your AC devices in an emergency. In short, everything looks fresh and luxurious inside this all electric Ford.


The new for F-150 lightning is available in four trims: Pro, XLT, Lariat, and Platinum and has two battery options: Standard and Extended. The pro trim is only available in standard battery pack and Platinum is only available in extended battery pack.

ModelF-150 Pro (Base)F-150 Platinum (Top)
Power452 hp (337 kW)581 hp (430 kW)
Torque1050 Nm (est.)1050 Nm (est.)
MotorDuel ElectricDuel Electric
Battery Capacity92 kWh131 kWh
Range230 miles300 miles
Weight2900-3200 kg2900-3200 kg
Dimensions (meters)5.91L x 2.03W x 1.99H5.91L x 2.03W x 1.99H
Charging DC150 kW150 kW
Charging AC11 kW11 kW
Towing Capacity7700 lbs8600 lbs
0-60 mph4 sec4 sec
AutonomousLevel 2Level 2
Wheels18 inch22 inch
Release DateAugust 2022August 2022
Specification comparison


The F-150 Lightning is manufactured at the new Ford Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in Michigan, along with two other plants: the Van Dyke Electric Powertrain Center in Sterling Heights, Michigan, which assembles electric motors, and the Rawsonville Components Plant in Ypsilanti, Michigan, which manufactures batteries.

Electric Truck Market

Ford is struggling to meet the demand for its F-150 electric version and has to manage its demand-supply better to maintain its superiority in the electric truck segment. The new age players like Rivian and veteran like GMC have introduced all electric truck into the market and will give tough fight to Ford in the near future. On the other hand, Tesla is all set to launch its Cybertruck soon. The competition is going to get only tougher in the time to come.

See what Rivian and Tesla up to their Electric trucks here: www.wheelsonroll.com/2022/09/05/rivian-r1t-vs-tesla-cybertruck/

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