ŠKODA VISION 7S: A Brand Revolution for the Future

New SKODA logo

Skoda is a well-known brand globally for its build quality and driving experience. Now with Vision 7S, SKODA wants to bring revolution to its product lineups. The new design language will redefine the eMobility area for SKODA with its family-oriented, friendly and green offering.

Skoda 2030 strategy

Skoda has a 2030 strategy to capture 70% of the EV market. They will be launching 3 more models within the next 4 years to increase their presence in the EV segment. Skoda has announced a €5.6 billion investment in e-mobility and a €700 million investment in digitisation over the next five years. The three new all-electric cars will feature a small sedan, a compact SUV, and a 7-seater SUV. Skoda Vision 7S appears to be a 7-seater electric SUV based on appearances.

What is Vision 7S?

VISION 7S is a concept based on SKODA’s new design strategy which will offer a solid, authentic and simple experience to its customers. This is SKODA’s first step toward Electrification. This is the first of a kind an all-electric 7-seater SUV concept by SKODA that was unveiled recently along with its new logo and the modern design language. The design, which is based on the Volkswagen Group’s tried and tested modulation of MEB platform. This will be the Vision 7S, one of the first EV alternatives from the brand to have a new design language. As a result, it is poised to become the future trademark of Skoda-branded vehicles.

Vision 7S interior design


The vehicles are based on SKODA’s all-new design language. This new concept is based on a modular platform which also resembles Skoda’s new identity. It has an impressive range of 600kms and comes equipped with a massive 89kWh battery capacity. The car supports DC fast charging up to 200kW. It will take roughly 8-10 hours to completely charge the Skoda Vision 7S. The vehicle will be 1940 mm wide, 5076 mm long and 1888 mm high in dimension. The ground clearance is expected to be around 242 mm with a wheelbase of 3075 mm long. The vehicle will have a turning radius of 11.1 meters.


Most of the material used comes from a sustainable source and the cabin is completely leather-free. Materials like recycled polyester yarns and old tires have been used to design the interior. The front and the rear lights are arranged in a ‘T’ shaped cluster. The car will have all sorts of connected features from app connectivity to 5G.


The design is very simple, with only a few controls for temperature in the centre console. A digital driver’s display is located over the oblong steering wheel. There is a standard driving mode as well as a ‘Relax’ preset which moves the steering wheel away from you, the seat spins and reclines, and the massive 14.6-inch screen rotates so you and your passengers can watch a movie while the car charges.

VISION 7S interior configuration


Skoda 7S is a concept platform and will take some time to realise the efforts to make it ready for production. Pricing will be based on different configurations that this modular platform will accommodate. It will be on the expensive side to be fair and we can expect the price in the range of $60,000.

Launch Date:

It goes on sale in 2026, completing a trio of new totally electric Skodas that includes a compact SUV and a Fabia-sized entry vehicle. There are other models that Skoda has unveiled during the announcement.

Skoda has announced several other models, here is the list:






Skoda next gen automobiles
Skoda next gen automobiles

Source: www.skoda-storyboard.com/

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    ŠKODA is lagging behind its competition, other than the sustainability element, I don’t see any revolution here.

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